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The guitar music of Bill Gregg is a rare combination of classical and American folk traditions that transcends both genres. His original compositions for six and twelve string guitars are so intricate that they sometimes sound like two musicians playing duets. The music is at the same time accessible, rhythmic and melodic. Originally trained on piano, Bill is largely self taught on guitar and other stringed instruments. His early influences range from John Fahey to Ferdinando Carulli. Although his guitar music sometimes reminds listeners of Will Ackerman or Leo Kottke, it is clearly not imitative of any particular style.


Bill presents his works in concert, but he often provides music for weddings and formal affairs as well as background music for bistros, wineries and parties. Although he concentrates on original instrumentals he can also provide a variety of guitar music ranging from blues to classical depending on the audience and venue.


Bill teaches guitar at the Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts and at his studio, Harmonic Resources, both in Trumansburg, NY. He has recorded four albums of original electronic and electro-acoustic music. Many of the recordings feature classical or steel string guitar.


He also performs traditional folk music at festivals and concert venues and plays fiddle for contra and English country dances. He plays and sings traditional American folk music in duo and trio configurations with other highly accomplished musicians.


CONTACT FOR BOOKING OR INFORMATION: Harmonic Resources, P. O. Box 838, Trumansburg, NY 14886

Phone: 1-607-387-6630 E-MAIL



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